A new trend in the development of the cabinet industry: Cabinet hardware enters the era of intelligence.

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A new trend in the development of the cabinet industry

Cabinet hardware enters the era of intelligence. 


According to industry insiders, hardware accessories account for a relatively small proportion of the overall value of kitchen cabinets, but they largely determine the comfort of their use. In recent years, consumers' increasing demand for the quality of home life has provided greater survival space and development opportunities for the kitchen cabinet hardware industry.


"Smart technology is a major development trend in home hardware." As automatic doors, sensor switches, and card locks begin to enter people's lives, they provide the necessary conditions for the development of smart homes. "Now people are looking for lazy-style lifestyles, which require hardware to be more humane and intelligent." As hardware usage in kitchen cabinets reaches 35%, this will become increasingly apparent in the industry.


The high-end kitchen cabinet sector abroad has always been at the forefront of the industry, and its introduction of electronic intelligent drawers has realized a simple design without handles, with just a touch. The use of new damping and slide rails has made the drawers of kitchen cabinets strong, without rebound or leakage, and has also extended the life of the damping and slide rails. This further proves that kitchen cabinet hardware is gradually moving towards intelligence.


"Smart development trends in kitchen cabinet hardware accessories have added to the progress of the industry and made the impossible possible in real life," industry insiders say. Chinese kitchen cabinet hardware companies must continue to break through and guide the healthy and sustainable development of the kitchen cabinet industry.


The kitchen cabinet hardware industry needs to create leading brand hardware, which is crucial to the overall quality of kitchen cabinets. In foreign countries, the quality of hardware is a direct criterion for judging the quality of kitchen cabinets, but in China, it has not received enough attention from many consumers. The reason is that the Chinese kitchen cabinet hardware industry has not formed a true leading brand.


Although kitchen cabinet hardware follows the overall trend, it still needs its own brand. In order to dominate the domestic market like the domestic appliance industry, brand power is the key, and brand operation is the only way.


"The key is to change the practice of focusing on consumption and neglecting brands in the past, and to strengthen brand operation. Only by starting with product quality and service can companies obtain their deserved market position," industry insiders believe. "Only when a product has a perfect service system can it promote the development of the enterprise and improve its product competitiveness, shaping a good reputation in the hearts of consumers and deeply rooted in their minds."


In recent years, the kitchen cabinet hardware industry has gone through many ups and downs, and many companies have begun to pay attention to brand promotion. The viewpoint that "brand power is sales power" is slowly being accepted by kitchen cabinet hardware companies, but it is still a long way to go to truly become a brand that can influence the Chinese kitchen cabinet hardware industry.


Kitchen cabinet hardware companies also need to work hard to build their brands and strengthen promotion in the national market. Only by continuously exploring can they find the direction of industry progress.